Download REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set APK v10.16.0

Download REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set APK v10.16.0

App Information Real Drum

App Name Real Drum v10.16.0
Genre Apps, Music & Audio
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Latest Version10.16.0
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UpdateAug 27, 2022
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Description Real Drum

Download REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set APK v10.16.0

Download REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set APK v10.16.0

Introduce about Real Drum

Experience the real drumming experience on mobile with REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set APK!

You are very fond of drumming, curious about the majestic strange squeaking sounds that appear in famous tunes but never had a chance to play drums in real life. Or you already know how to play the drums, but buying a full set of bulky drums to take home is currently not very suitable. Or sometimes party, camping with friends who want to mix the music with a few “beats” of drums for fun but can’t bring the whole big set with them.

That’s just one of the situations where you’ll need a drumming simulator like Real Drum.

Download REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set APK v10.16.0

REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set APK

What does it do?

Here in  REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set APK Android gamers will have themselves an interestingly simulated drum set with all the standard and advanced features. As a result, it can be used for both beginners and experienced drummers for making their music, or to simply have fun and play their favorite drum tracks. Combined with other interesting musical apps like you’ll have yourself a portable studio in REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set to work on your music or just to have fun whenever the inspirations hit.

And even if you don’t have any experience with playing drums, REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set APK will also provide its intuitive and accessible lessons, which will allow you to learn the art with proper methods and exciting practices. Simply tap on whichever instrument from the set and recreate their exact sounds with your touch. Turn your fingers into drumsticks and start having fun with the awesome in-app experiences in REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set at any time.

Real Drum Features:

Personalize Drum Sets

There are people today who cannot afford an expensive drum set. With prices starting at almost $1000, it’s practically impossible for someone to start learning how to play the drums with an instrument that costs that much. These virtual drum sets have headphones so you can play without disturbing other people around you, and they also have various features for recording and playing along to your favorite songs!

Here, you can select from among various drum pads to tap on, and this app lets you create your own personal sounds, so there’s no limit to how unique you can make this. There are also infinite kits available for you to test out. You can also record your performances so that you can fine-tune your skills at the same time. And because this is free software, it’s not only fun but affordable as well.

Besides drumming, you have access to over 5 million interactive images that can personalize your drums! You can pick up new drum sets every month for free. There are styles of music everywhere! Go play on some tropical music, pop charts, extreme metal, Caribbean fusion, or even make your own style!

Variety of Drum Pads

When you’re looking for an easier way to play drums on your smartphone, one of the great choices out there is the REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set APK. It has 13 different drum pads, which include snare, tom-tom, bass drum, drum stool, ride cymbal, crash cymbal, and hi-hats, among many others. You can now make amazing sounds with your phone by simply touching any of the pads on the screen. This is an app for beginners who are trying to learn how to play REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set APK using their phones.

REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set APK

Simple And User-Friendly Mobile App

In the beginning, Android users in REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set APK will discover themselves using the easy and user-friendly mobile app that is very simple to use. You are free to use the user-friendly interface with a variety of possibilities and functions. In this app, you can quickly play with your drum kit by using the multi-touch options. Enjoy playing around with a variety of options in the app to gain access to exciting studio-like experiences Real Drum Electronic Drum Set.

Complete Drum Kit Including Various Pads

REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set APK, Android players will be able to access their entire collection of fascinating drum kits with a variety of pads. Explore more than 13 drum pads and experience authentic sounds from them all. Discover a variety of exciting toms and snares that will let you experience more fun with your own virtual drum kit. Always, you will be amazed by the professional-grade sounds, which makes the application much more enjoyable.

Customize your drum kit to your liking

REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set APK gives users access to a diverse collection of drums available with a variety of pads. As a result, you can freely explore more than 13 drum kits and enjoy their authentic sound from them. Another cool thing is that you are allowed to customize the drum pads according to the image and sound without any strings attached. Now you have the freedom to create an impressive drum kit to express your own musical style.

REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set APK

Excellent sound quality

Sound quality is one of the indispensable factors for a drumming application like REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set APK. Each sound emitted from any type of drum will bring you an unforgettable experience. If you are confident with your ability to play drums, you can also record with this application to share with people around. The powerful recording feature in this application will assist in recording music with the most perfect sound quality.

REAL DRUM v10.16.0 MOD APK (Premium Unlocked)

Final verdicts

Music makes and drum lovers will definitely find this interesting mobile app from Kolb Apps being absolutely amazing. Now, you can attempt to make your awesome drum music, or simply have fun drumming along your favorite tracks on the go. With premium features and beautiful sounds, you’ll find it even more exciting than a real track, especially when REAL DRUM: Electronic Drum Set also provides many useful customizations to improve your in-app experiences. And thanks to our unlocked version of the app, you’ll have no reasons to not enjoy it.


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